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Vier Engineering s.a.l. provides a full consulting service for life safety.

About Vier EngineeringProfessional consultancy & practical experience


Vier Engineering s.a.l. provides a full consulting service for life safety, fire protection and fire alarm systems including device layout, performance specification and general scope documents.

We understand the unique needs of diverse building types, spaces and level of hazards, and have knowledge in the implementation of various types of extinguishing systems including water mist, FM 200, and carbon dioxide 

Vier engineering experience extends from the simplest to the most complex designs, covering a wide range of fire prevention and protection systems.


Sectors Served

We are ready to make all kind of design to any project and we will provide a complete design including specifications, BOQ, full set of drawings and details. We can provide also hydraulic calculation to any of the above systems using licensed software’s.

The sectors served are:

  • Residential 
  • High Rise 
  • Assembly 
  • Commercial & Retail 
  • Educational 
  • Industrial & Manufacturing 
  • Power & Energy 
  • Institutional & Governmental 
  • Military 
  • Hospitality & Leisure 
  • Telecom & Data Centers 
  • Transportation – Aviation
  • Warehousing & logistics


We can provide also shop drawings with all coordination needed to comply with code requirements.

Our engineers are ready to travel to any place to make supervision, testing and commissioning of installed systems and to check their conformity to codes and standards.

Our engineers are expert in NFPA, BS and EN codes and can provide designs conforming to any of these codes and standards.

Our engineers are certified to make integrity tests for all enclosures protected by suppression systems where the enclosures needs to be tightly closed to get an efficient protection for a certain period of time.

We provide also air leakage tests which are requested by LEED to minimize the cooling and heating energy losses caused by infiltration 

Our Expertise

  • Life safety code requirements.
  • Sprinklers systems.
  • Standpipe systems.
  • Fire pumps
  • Low expansion foam systems.
  • High expansion foam systems.
  • Water foam sprinkler system.
  • Hydrant systems.
  • CO2 fire suppression systems.
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems.
  • Dry chemical fire suppression systems.
  • Wet Chemical fire suppression systems.
  • Water mist systems.
  • Fire alarm systems
Our Expertise




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